Saturday, February 14, 2015

Review: Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

I can't remember how I discovered Lunatick Cosmetic Labs but I started following them on Instagram a while ago and fell in love!  Made in the USA, vegan, cruelty free, super pigmented...  yes please!

I ordered the eyeshadow palette in "Relic" as well as an Apockalipstick in "Grave Heart Shift" (because I'm obsessed with purple lips right now!).  "Relic" looked like a great mix of gold/brown/neutral shades which are what I wear the most. If you really want natural shades though, check out this palette! I love the convenience of palettes, having all of the shadows in one place. It's slim pickings for vegan palettes out there though!

So let's take a look at my new pretties!

Love that it came in its own box!

Ingredients are listed on the removeable packaging.

I thought this was great!! I hate when I can't travel with palettes (coughWETNWILDcough) so this solves that problem.

Coffin shaped case. It's very solid and feels well constructed. My only complaint is that there is no closure (magnetic or otherwise) to help secure the lid. I went to pick this up one time and it fell open causing the pressers to go flying and my nail to stab one of the eyeshadows, oops. If traveling you'd definitely want to make sure this is secured!

I wish the pressers were all one piece but do love that they are included. I find it easy to have them sit on the palette while I'm using it.

Indoor light
From top to bottom:  Elemental, Scripture, Lovelace, Ruins, Ascendant

Outdoor light
From L to R:  Elemental, Scripture, Lovelace, Ruins, Ascendant 

The eyeshadows are on the softer side and are very pigmented. My swatches were done without any primer. They apply SO beautifully! They are opaque but blend nicely and stay put. I definitely want to purchase more! I purchased the "pressed eyeshadow palette" option but there is also a "loose eyeshadow stacker" option (not sure what they look like as there is no pic provided on the website)  They each retail for $35.  You can also make CUSTOM palettes which is so cool!

Outdoor light
Very opaque, creamy and matte.

Blended out


I really like the applicator. This is definitely a lipstick that requires a mirror to apply. I found that it really stayed put once applied. It's not once you can really do much blending with and it is meant to be worn very opaque.  I would describe it as a blue based purple which gives it a bit of a gothic feel.  Personally, I think the online swatch makes it look lighter than it is in person. Apocalipsticks retail for $9.

The only other purple shade I own is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar "Rollergirl" so I wanted to compare the two. As you can see, they are very different!  Besides the shades being different, the texture is as well. "Rollergirl" allows you to build up the colour so you can wear it a bit sheer or fully opaque where as "Grave Heart Shift" goes on very opaque.  OCC Lip Tars are also double the price.

Left: Rollergirl Right: Grave Heart Shift

Blended out. "Grave Heart Shift" becomes a bit patchy this way.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchases! I will definitely buy from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs again. I ordered on Feb 5th and they arrived Feb 10th so shipping was pretty quick within the US (I live in Cali. They are made in Wisconsin). Shipping cost was $6.


  1. I live in the UK and finally found an online shop that was selling some of the Apocalislick's and I ordered three of them. I really like the Grave Heart Shift colour, but it doesn't look anything like the swatch online. It's a much darker, violet colour, whereas the swatch looks like a darker lilac colour, which is what I wanted. I've also seem other people wearing this on instagram/the net and some people seem to be wearing a lighter shade and others this darker shade (and it's not just a skin tone thing) there's a big difference. So I'm a little confused. They are gorgeously pigmented and I do love the shades. Coven cream is my fav. x


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