Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Life Lately

Sorry about the lack of posts! Third trimester is just a busy time tackling my to do list, birthing classes, midwife appointments etc Plus I'm trying to rest and get extra sleep (like everyone tells you to do haha).

My dang camera battery charger is still missing! I have been snapping some outfit pics with my iPhone though so I figured I'd do another "Life lately" post.

People still tell me I look so small but I'm 5'10! That does make it easier for me to hide "extra weight".  The belly is feeling pretty big these days anyway haha

I wear these shorts a ton now that our weather has really heated up! They're from ASOS but I don't see them on the website anymore. Shoes are Target. Shirt is Everlane.

Spirulina smoothie bowl with homemade granola

Old Navy jacket. Old Navy maternity top. Target shorts and shoes.

I dyed my hair purple! I figured it'd work okay over any red I had left. I plan on trying Artic Fox's purple soon. I also have a couple aquas to try... oh and a dark green. hehe

I attended a Solly Baby warehouse sale and snagged a wrap at a discounted price! Super excited to wear B in it. The other stuff is Target.  How tiny are newborn leggings??

Enjoying a tropical smoothie I made

Chocolate covered frozen banana!

Buckwheat pancakes with homemade soy yogurt

Steel cut oats (lots of protein and fiber!) with blackberries and lemon zest.

Jamberry love!

Eli's Farms CSA with a Groupon deal. I am going to sign back up with a CSA though! It's just more convenient than getting to the farmer's market each week.

I swear I am not always at Target... haha  Target top and sandals. Old Navy maternity skirt.

Gardein "chicken" soft tacos!

Oatmeal with another batch of homemade yogurt (I used firm tofu instead of soft so it's thicker here) and Teeccino <-- alternative="" awesome="" coffee="" p="">
Orange smoothie and pancakes!

Mint smoothie


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