Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review of Gorgous for Good + My Skincare Routine

If you know me, you know I try to go the more natural route; keep things closer to nature. Obviously I am not perfect at it and try harder in some areas of my life than others but I do make a conscious effort.

I cleaned up my skincare routine a few years ago although I've never really stuck to one specific routine or set of products for long. I spent most of the past 6 months doing the oil cleansing method and was really liking it as far as how my skin looked (mind you pregnancy has given me very clear skin since my breakouts have always been hormonal) but I did feel like maybe I needed a bit more. I turn 28 this year and so "anti-aging" products have been of more interest to me. That said, I believe your lifestyle plays a bigger part in how you age.

So anyway, a while ago I came across this book called Gorgeous for Good by Sophie Uliano. It really stuck out to me because her approach is more holistic and she believes in treating yourself right from the inside out- things I agree with! She also promotes a more plant based diet.  So I pre-ordered the book and as soon as it arrived I read through it very quickly! I loved it!! I keep recommending it to people. It's such a great approach to beauty and health.  She does a great job of explaining different ingredients like what they do, which she avoids completely, what synthetic ingredients are and which ones are safer etc It was exactly what I needed.

Gorgeous for Good had a 30 day plan in it which includes a skin care routine (she has DIY recipes or you can purchase products on your own) as well as a food plan (she also has recipes!). While I haven't committed to that, I did add a few items to my skincare routine based on her suggestions and have stuck to using them. Again, I'm pregnant so my skin is different right now but I am loving the routine I have. I worried it'd feel like too many products but it doesn't! They all work together well and I feel great about the ingredients in them.

Note: My skin is pretty normal but does tend to lean oily. I do find it to be a bit sensitive so I've always been picky with what products I use (well, in the past 5 years anyway). I stopped breaking out while pregnant but before it was usually in the chin area so I knew it was hormone related.

My morning routine:

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub: This is not meant to be used every day, more like 3x a week so I alternate between this and a konjac sponge. I was worried this scrub would feel too harsh because I've had that problem with others but so far no issues! It's this cool dark green colour and very gritty. You only need a tiny amount! I also like the smell...sorta like berries and the ocean. haha
Dew Puff (konjac sponge): I have been using these for over a year now and love them! I often recommend them to people. They can be used with or without a cleanser. They are hard so you run them under water to soften. They exfoliate but it's SO soft, not like a scrub or anything else I've experienced. I love how gentle they are.  There are zero chemicals, they're naturally PH balanced, totally natural etc
Lemongrass Spa Hydrating Facial Mist: Just a great toner product with clean ingredients. I skip it some days or I'll do a spritz of rose water instead but I've been using it for a long time without any problems. I'm almost out of it and will probably make my own using rose water, witch hazel etc Homemade toner is really easy!
Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum: I'm new to Mad Hippie products although I'd heard of them before. Sophie Uliano recommended the ones I bought on her blog. I'd been considering a vitamin c product for quite a while now, just wasn't sure which to get or if it really did have anti-aging abilities.  This product makes my skin feel wonderful and has a nice light citrus scent. I'm very happy with it so far.
Acure Organics Moisturizer: Another Acure Organics product because I love this brand! Target even carries it now. It's such great quality and not overly expensive. My only complaint with this moisturizer is that it doesn't contain SPF (and I'm still on the hunt for the right facial sunscreen) otherwise I love it. It smells like oranges and is so refreshing to use in the morning! It's a very thick lotion and you only need to use a tiny amount. It's definitely very moisturizing. It's probably my favourite moisturizer to date minus the SPF thing.

My evening routine:

Coconut oil: Plain coconut oil works amazingly well to remove makeup. I sometimes use a tiny bit all over my face or just on my eyes. Easy peasy. I recommend using one that is organic and unrefined (same things as virgin or extra virgin).
Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser: This was gifted to me around the time that I was working on this skin care routine. I decided to use it as my evening cleanser. It exfoliates but with ground almonds (the texture is more like oats) and clay so it's very gentle and I haven't had any problems using it every day. It has a very strong lavender scent which is nice in the evening since it's very calming. It's a pretty big tub and you only use a pea sized amount (plus some water).  This particular product of Lush's contains all natural ingredients.
Derma E Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel: This was a product I'd owned for a while and was happy to see that Gorgeous for Good did recommend using something with APA's in it (she explains what that is!). I alternate between this and the Vitamin A Serum.
Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum: Vitamin A aka Retinol is another anti aging ingredients I'd been interested in but hadn't committed to until reading Gorgeous for Good. This serum is to be used every other day at first and then it can be used every day but I like to alternate between it and the Derma E product since they each have benefits. I supposed I could use both every day but that hasn't felt necessary. This product is especially great if you have sun damage which, let's be honest, most people do!
Derma e Hydrating Eye Cream: In the book, she says you can often skip an eye cream if you have a really great moisturizer but I already owned this so I've just continued to use it. I will say I noticed a visible difference after using it the first few times! I was surprised.
Acure Organics Seriously Firming Facial Serum: This is made of just great oils! I love oils. If you've never applied an oil to your face, I understand why you may feel hesitant but do it! Oil fights oil plus it's moisturizing. Adding oils to my skin care routine is the best decision I've made yet for my skin. I love how this particular serum feels on my skin. It's not overly greasy and it absorbs really well.

PS All of the products I use are vegan and from cruelty free brands.

PPS Check out the Gorgeous for Good website! She does a lot of product reviews which is very helpful since the book doesn't talk about specific brands.


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