Thursday, May 14, 2015

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Well, it's official! I finished the one year health coaching program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am now a health coach!  It has been such an amazing experience. I'm SO glad I chose this program. It was the perfect blend of holistic health and business which helped me build Lifting Lettuce.

I want to talk a bit about the program since I am an ambassador (which means if you use my name when you sign up, you get a major discount!) and had such a great experience.  I first learned about this program February 2014 when I went on a trip with my youngest sister and her friend.  Her friend had just finished the program and so she was able to tell me a bit about it. When I got home, I looked it up and found out I could sit in on a live webcast to learn more about it. Soon as that was done, I knew I wanted to sign up...and I did just a week later! I'm normally a very indecisive person but with this I just knew right away. I had been looking at other similar programs but hadn't felt as pulled to them as I did with this one.

So what is the Institute for Integrative Nutrition?  It is a school started by Joshua Rosenthaal, based in New York, that expanded its course to the web so people all over the world could participate.  They offer a one year certificate program in holistic health coaching which covers everything from nutrition to meditation to counseling to social media to starting your own business... it's a very WHOLE look at health which I love, plus they give you all the tools you need to start your health coaching career. That said, many people enroll simply to gain knowledge for themselves or in order to help family members rather than making it a career.  I feel like the program does a great job of simply guiding you towards your calling rather than saying "you have to do ___.". IIN graduates do all sorts of things! The owner of Suja juices is an IIN grad. So is Dr Oz's daughter! Pippa Middleton is currently an IIN student. It's definitely a program that can benefit most people, no matter what your job or current health situation looks like.

The year program includes weekly modules which are made up of lectures (from amazing people like Gabrielle Bernstein, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Andrew Weil etc), slides etc, coaching calls where you join other students on the phone with an assigned "coach", quizzes, 4 tests and health histories.  IIN has very few set "rules" when it comes to health but it does promote bio-individuality (what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another), listening, eating more plants etc  Overall though it really allows you do come to your own conclusions about various diets and such. There are also forums and Facebook groups which help create a great community of IIN students/graduates. I connected with SO many people and learned a lot from them!

I joined this program knowing I wanted to learn more about nutrition but with a holistic approach. I'd just become a certified personal trainer but did not enjoy the nutrition training that came with it because it felt outdated and impractical.   I couldn't be happier with all of the knowledge and tools I've gained in this past year as an IIN student. I really did not know how to go about building my own business when I started but now I have a much better handle on that. I really look forward to growing Lifting Lettuce this year! While I am taking the month of May off (since I'm having a baby!!), I invite you to contact me any time to schedule a health history.  It's a free consultation that can take place over the phone!  You can check out the programs I offer here.  You can also read about "my story".

If you think you may be interested in enrolling at IIN, get in touch with me! Like I said, I can get you a really great discount. My email is


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