Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Mom Shopping

Now that I'm not super duper pregnant... I want to go shopping! haha Of course, there are still limitations. Items have to be breastfeeding friendly! Also, I'm not about to go buy pants/shorts that may be too big in a few months. So, mostly, I'm eyeballing blousy tops and shirt dresses at the moment!  I also need to find a nursing cami that I really like (or do this) because tossing one of those on under just about any shirt (one you can pull up) definitely simplifies things. Some drawstring pants would be nice too because I'm finding that my over the belly maternity pants are too loose but I don't fit into all of my regular pants yet.

1. H&M shirt dress  2. Forever 21 crochet dress  3. Old Navy soft pants  4. Old Navy drapey denim pants  5. Old Navy embroidered blouse  6. Forever 21 crochet paneled skirt  7. Marc Jacobs dress  8. Victoria's Secret cover up  9. Gap fit n flare shirtdress


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