Monday, July 27, 2015

Welcome to trusii



I recently stepped out of my comfort zone (that's where the magic happens, right?) and joined the company trusii.  trusii sells nutrition and skin care products that are basically the purest and highest quality in the market!

our products: 100% organic raw vegan kosher non gmo gluten free cruelty-free fair trade certified

our promise: no artificial flavors no artificial colors no artificial sweeteners no natural flavors no preservatives no fillers no added sugar no gmos no dairy no gluten

I was impressed before I'd even tried them but of course, I had to see if they could walk the talk.  Well, they do! I'm in love! I ordered a premiere package (which you can do too! $175 of products for only $11... shoot me an email if you're interested! which includes a mix of samples and full sized products.  Loved. Them. All.  I found myself wanting to recommend these products to everyone so I began considering the idea of signing up to sell them. I really loved everything I learned about the company so it ended up being an easy decision (and I'm an indecisive person haha).
"The trusii mission is not only about becoming the healthiest and happiest you have ever been, it's about raising your overall quality of life and helping others do the same. "
I love that trusii offers both nutrition and skin care products because both are so important for our overall health. I don't think skincare gets enough attention in terms of what an impact it has on our bodies! Our skin is an organ, y'know! No point in eating organic all day long but then not giving the same love to your skin.

trusii also has a non profit organization called F.E.E.D.  which helps feed children in local areas.

You can read loads more about the company and the products here

Again, if you're at all interested in these products or the company, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email (  Hope to hear from you!


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