Sunday, July 19, 2015

Outfit Catch Up

I know I haven't been posting outfits lately but it's not because I'm not wearing them! haha I just haven't gotten around to getting a new battery charger for my camera, oops. I do take the odd iPhone shot these days though so I figured I could post those for now.  I'm not the new mom living in sweatpants, just not my style, but you will see a lot of repeated items here because for a while I only fit into so many things...  as of last week I realized I fit into way more of my clothes now so yay! Variety! haha I also did a little damage at Old Navy recently... perhaps I'll do a "haul post"? 

I wouldn't say my style has changed since having a baby but it has helped me narrow it down (which was long over due).  I've gotten rid of bags and bags of clothes.  This will sound stupidly obvious but I realized that just because I LIKE something doesn't necessarily mean I will WEAR it or at least not a lot. I used to think it was better to add unique items to my closet rather than things that were similar but now I know that those unique items simply don't get as much wear. Sure the odd unique piece is nice but it's better to have mainly things that mix n match easily.  I know, duh, right?

I'll link the items that are still available for purchase!

 love the hi rise, loose fit of these and that they are booty-showing short!

Comfiest. pants. ever. My only complaint is that they stretch out so maybe I should have gotten as size smaller.

Target blouse currently in stores

Old Navy blouse (different pattern)

Target shoes in stores


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