Friday, July 10, 2015

Beckett Wish List (2 months)

Just some adorableness I've been eyeing lately... mostly clothes because, well, baby clothes are cute. Shopping for Beckett is somehow more satisfying than shopping for myself even though he can only wear things for such a short amount of time haha

1. Organic baby shorties - Batman! I love shorties. Why wouldn't you want to show off pudgy baby legs?
2. Onesie extenders - Genius! Beckett is a long baby and has been outgrowing stuff lengthwise while it's still big in the chest/stomach... so these would fix that problem!
3. Vegan baby moccasins - I think baby moccasins are beyond cute but most use real leather which, as a vegan, I prefer to avoid buying. But this shop has vegan options! I kind of want them all...
4. Organic stripe sweatpants.  Beckett has these in a shorts version and they are SO soft and so stretchy! I imagine they are super comfortable.  They are very well made so I definitely recommend anything in this shop!
5. Covered Goods multi use nursing cover. I tend to like using a cover when I'm somewhere busy, like a restaurant. The one I have is kind of flimsy- I don't love it. So I'm thinking about ordering this one. I love that it can also be used as a car seat cover as well as in a shopping cart. For nursing, it looks like it would stay in place well plus the 360 coverage is nice!
6. Jersey leggings.  I love the print and they're only $10. I'll have to see if I can find them in store!
7. Skinny jeans. Technically these are "boyfriend jeans" and are meant for a girl but we all know boys wear skinny jeans too! I think they're so sweet on baby boys but they HAVE to have stretch. Beckett has a couple pairs of pants that don't stretch and it's just awkward. They get really tight when he's sitting.  So I like that these have spandex in them.
8. Pull on cutoff shorts... for a baby?? *dead* haha They do have spandex in them so should be comfortable.
9. Tiger one-piece.  I LOVE rompers for babies.
10. Raw baltic amber teething necklace. Beckett has started sucking on things and drooling a bit but doesn't seem to be in any pain. Still, I plan on getting one of these as we get closer to teething age. They are said to help with pain, inflammation, drooling...  Of course it's more of a holistic medicine and there isn't much "science" to back it up but MANY people swear by it. I figure it's worth a shot- no harm done!


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