Friday, August 21, 2015

4 Day Mini Detox for the Busy Person

The 4 Day Mini Detox 

First of all, everybody needs a good detox. It doesn’t matter if you are a fast food junkie or a kale smoothie master. A structured detox can be beneficial to anyone! It’s impossible to avoid ALL toxins every day but a detox allows us to eliminate more of them and let our body recharge.  
During this detox, you will learn how to change the way you look at food, learn simple techniques for cleansing your body and how to eat clean no matter how busy you are. Clean eating is not about counting calories or thinking about how much fat you ate that day, it is about eating foods in their most natural state. 
I created this program because so many people want a “quick fix”. They like the idea of doing a detox but aren’t sure they can commit to, say, a full month.  While there’s no real quick fix for long term health, this detox can definitely get you on the right track and give you some immediate results. I call this my weekend warrior makeover because in just 4 simple days you can help flatten that belly, curb those cravings and sleep more soundly. Why walk around feeling tired when  you can walk around feeling fabulous? This program is simple. All you need is some commitment and the willingness to put yourself first.
Let me help you replace yo-yo dieting, toxic habits and body shaming with positivity, balance and long term healthy habits.
I am busy just like you! Between work, a new baby, moving, pets and other responsibilities I understand how “being healthy” can feel like too much work. That’s why it’s important to detox along with finding a healthy balance that works for you long term, so that instead of feeling like work it simply comes naturally to you!  I teach people how to eat clean even if they hate the kitchen and swear they have “no time”.  With this 4 Day Detox you’ll have all the recipes and the meal plan to make detoxing simple and straightforward. 
I am here to help you feel BETTER. Think of this program as your mini-vacation…without the alcohol! Replace that with fat blasting, cellulite reducing and energizing meals day in and day out. 
Sound good?
Email me to receive your FREE guide to the 4 Day Mini Detox for the Busy Person! It comes with all of the recipes as well as tips for detoxing.


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