Friday, August 7, 2015

A Day in the Life

I thought it could be fun to do a "day in the life" post, just a look at a random day in my life.  I know I always like getting a peek into people's lives. Sometimes it's the mundane stuff that is interesting, you know? 

I'm a bit overly detailed in this post, I won't always be. I didn't write down every diaper change though so I at least spared you that! This was a fairly typical day. Life with a newborn is both repetitive and yet ever-changing. Just when you think you have a routine down, it seems to change. hehe Oh and this is from a few weeks ago! Beckett goes to bed earlier these days and naps less.

Let's start with the night before because I'm up many times at night to nurse!

9:15pm: Beckett falls asleep and is in his co-sleeper crib by 9:30pm. I swaddle him to sleep. He finds it very comforting! It's actually quite cute because he gets very calm and gives me lots of smiles while I am swaddling him. And he knows it means bed time because that's the only time I do it! He's out growing it now and I'm not entirely sure how to handle that haha

1am, 4:30am, 7am: Breastfed Beckett. At 4:30am I re-swaddled him because he had wiggled free. If I don't re-swaddle him around this time, he has a hard time getting back to sleep. I should add... he has been going to bed in his crib but once he wakes up to feed, we co-sleep. That's what he has wanted all of month 2 so I've just gone with it. I'm at the point where it's actually hard for me to sleep without him in my arms now!

8:20am. Wake up time! Normally Beckett is up earlier than this, like 7am. I change his diaper. I don't change it during the night because he never poops when he sleeps! Once he's changed, I take Forrest (dog) out to potty and feed both him and William (cat). Beckett is a morning person so he's always very content to just hang out in his Fisher Price Rock'n'Play while I take care of the pets and fix myself breakfast!
Wake up stretches!

9am: I make myself breakfast and mess about on my laptop while eating. Of course I also talk to Beckett! Once I've eaten, I put him on the couch with me to play.

Chocolate protein smoothie
Granola with unsweetened almond milk, coconut yogurt and chia seeds.

9:30am: I get Beckett dressed and we play some more. He loves for me to help him stand, pretend to eat him, bounce on the exercise ball, sing nursery rhymes etc

Time to get dressed

10am: Beckett always naps within 2 hours of waking up in the morning.  While he naps I hop in the shower and do my makeup and hair. I also get dressed.  I get it all done in 30 minutes; not bad.

All I used to do my makeup- easy peasy! This lip/cheek stain, this powder, this primer, this foundation, this eyeliner...

11:15am. Beckett wakes up and I put him in the carseat which snaps into the stroller. We walk to the store to buy a gift for someone. He loves being in the stroller... or at least he always falls asleep!

Snack while I walk

12:20pm. Beckett naps. I told you. I decide to pop into Starbucks and relax for a bit while he continues to sleep. A little "me" time, if you will.

Earned a free Starbucks drink

1:15pm: I get home. My VitaCost order has arrived so I open that up and put everything away. I make some chocolate avocado pudding and fold laundry.

Vitacost order

2:15pm: Beckett wakes up. A 2 hour nap is rare for him! He was a little grumpy when he first woke up, as you can see...

2:45pm: Dance party! I appear to enjoy it more than Beckett, haha. I also eat an apple. 

4:10pm: Beckett is down for another nap. I make a salad.

Nap pose

4:25pm: Beckett wakes up. He has perfected the cat nap. haha My husband also gets home from work around this time. We play on the couch.
He loves his Aden + Anais blankets!

5:20pm: I eat the salad I made earlier. I try to fix dinner when he sleeps but that nap is unpredictable.

Quinoa salad with hummus

5:30pm: I take Beckett and Forrest to the park next door.  I wear Beckett in my Solly Baby wrap which he loves! He also loves to be outdoors.

Don't mind my crazy bangs!

6pm: Beckett spends some time on his activity mat. 

Staring at the toys...

6:20pm: Beckett takes one last nap. This is because of that cat nap!

7pm: I eat the pudding I made earlier and Beckett wakes up.

So good!

8pm: I made Beckett laugh! He has just started laughing so this is a real accomplishment haha

8:45pm. I swaddle Beckett and by 9pm he's asleep. 

G'night little B!

9:25pm: I transfer Beckett to his co-sleeper crib then go back into the living room to watch Real Housewives.

10:25pm. Bed time for me!


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