Sunday, September 6, 2015

For the Home

We should be moving in less than two weeks... *fingers crossed*.  Mind you, we still haven't found a home! I'm trusting that it'll all work out and until then just daydreaming about getting to decorate a new place...

I don't know exactly how to describe my interior decorating style but I definitely know what I like when I see it. haha It's a mix of black and white, patterns and pops of color. I guess it's a mix of bohemian and modern which is very similar to my personal style! I'm drawn to mid-century modern, eclectic and Scandinavian interior decorating styles.

Some items I'm eyeing...

  1. Ikea bed
  2. Ikea rug
  3. Ikea cart
  4. Target pouf
  5. Target accent table
  6. Urban Outfitters wall planter
  7. Urban Outfitters pillow cover
  8. Urban Outfitters rug
  9. Urban Outfitters pillow
  10. Urban Outfitters shelf


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