Sunday, September 20, 2015

Body After Baby: 3 & 4 Months

Oops! Got a little behind. Well, I don't think I've been doing anything too differently these past two months. Sad to say, I did not start jogging more. haha It's mostly because I take my dog (and he's getting old for jogging) and it's been HOT but I know, I know... no excuses! I am doing lots of walking and just staying active overall. I tried a baby wearing barre class and LOVED it! Our place is a chaotic mess since we are moving this month but once we move, I'll have more space to get back into home workouts. Part of me is like, geez Sophie how are you not exercising more by now? And then the other part of me is all um, you're only 4 months postpartum- relax! It's really just that I was so used to working out HARD before becoming pregnant that it feels strange to not be but I have to work my way back up to it.

Month 3 I was feeling good like I was back to my "size" just with some extra tummy skin... and less muscle tone. Month 4 I'm feeling slimmer and my skin is tightening. 

Pre-pregnancy weight: 158 lbs
End of pregnancy weight: 184 lbs 
3 months PP weight: 154 lbs
4 months PP weight: 152 lbs
19 weeks PP


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