Friday, October 30, 2015

Body After Baby: 5 & 6 Months

“I’m with a man who’s evolved enough to look at my body and see it as more beautiful, because of the journey it has taken and what it has created. He genuinely sees it that way. So I genuinely feel even sexier.” - Angelie Jolie


I may not be in as good of shape as I was but I love my body more because I've finally learned to love it for what it is capable of and not just what it looks like.

Pregnancy does not ruin your body, it only changes it.  

I am thinner now than I have been in a couple years but my mindset is SO different than it was back then. I refuse to speak negatively about my body because I am so grateful that it helped give me the beautiful baby boy I now have.  I RESPECT my body far more now and that is a lesson I really wished I could have fully grasped earlier.  And yes, I probably sound like a broken record but hey... #truth.

At almost 6 months postpartum, I am 15 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight and feeling great! Still not in a real workout routine but I do some exercises with Beckett and go for a daily walk. Basically I just make sure to stay active! I can fit into all of my old clothes now which is awesome (some are actually too big which is bitter sweet).  It's forced me to look at my overall lifestyle rather than a workout routine, which is good in its own way.  As far as "diet" goes, I basically eat the same way I have been although I have stopped feeling super hungry like I did during third trimester and when I was first breastfeeding; I am still eating more though.   I still eat a plant based diet with lots of whole, clean foods and limited processed stuff. I have a glass of wine or beer now and then but not on a regular basis (and I  haven't had liquor since before I got pregnant! I'm kinda scared to have it now! hahah). I'll write a post soon on how I have lost the weight but honestly, it's all pretty basic and nothing extreme!

Pre-pregnancy weight: 158 lbs
End of pregnancy weight: 184 lbs 
5 months PP weight: 148 lbs
6 months PP weight: 144 lbs

5 months PP
6 months PP 
(don't mind the moving in chaos in the background!)


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