Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Morning Routine

I've never been a very structured, organized person. It's just not me! It doesn't come naturally. I have a laid back, go with the flow personality. That said, I do love making to do lists and I find a lot of comfort in familiarity. So, this past year I've really been learning how to be a bit more organized and to have some sort of schedule in place. I mean, it's kind of a must when you have a baby!  I've gotten into some routines, one being my morning routine.  I always think the first hour of your day is so important because it tends to set the tone for how the rest of the day will go!

First thing I do, it take a tablespoon of tru.therapy. It's easiest to describe as oil pulling but this amazing blend is honestly so much more than that! I gently swish this around in my mouth while I change Beckett's diaper and carry him downstairs.

I let me dog out into the backyard to potty while I get Beckett dressed and sit him down to play.

After I feed the dog and go upstairs to spit out tru.therapy (along with scrapping my tongue and brushing my teeth), I had back downstairs and make myself some lemon water (sometimes I add ACV).

Then I make breakfast. Today it was just cereal with almond milk and a tru.juice smoothie. Sometimes I'll watch a recorded show while I eat or just catch up on social media (not a very good habit!) and read blogs. At some point, Beckett decides he's done playing alone and so we hang out together.

After I eat and play with Beckett (and feed him), I'll look at my planner to see what I need to do that day and jot down any new things that have come up.

Beckett takes his first nap a couple hours after waking so usually by 10am.

If I'm having coffee, I like to wait until his nap so that I can enjoy it uninterrupted haha I also try to get some work done in my office during that first nap if I have the rest of the day at home. If I'm going somewhere, then I'll workout/shower.

 By then it's usually closer to noon!  So yeah, that's my morning routine. I'd love to hear about yours!


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