Saturday, November 21, 2015

Plant-based Thanksgiving Menu

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving this year?

My husband will have FOUR days off... most time since he started recruiting early October. He works 70+ hours a week (including Saturdays) right now so obviously any time off is greatly appreciated.

So on Thanksgiving we plan on just being lazy at home, I think. I plan on baking a pumpkin pie and making this pecan praline ice cream.  Friday we'll either run errands or go try to visit some of my side of the family.  Saturday we are driving 5 hours with my inlays to my BIL and SIL's for actual Thanksgiving dinner. Sunday we'll head back home.

While I love food, I love family even more. I know a big part of why I love holidays is simply because it means large family gatherings and those make me happy!

That said... let's talk about the food. I've gathered up some delicious plant based Thanksgiving recipes to help those of you still stuck on what to make!


Puff pastry wrapped lentil loaf (I'm going to make this instead of buy a faux roast this year. I hope it turns out!!)

Butternut squash mac n cheese  (I think it's an American thing to serve mac n cheese at Thanksgiving? I'd never heard of it growing up in Canada!)
Citrus cranberry sauce (I always offer to make cranberry sauce. Maybe because it's easy? haha Fresh is SO much tastier than canned! I love it with citrus and cinnamon too)

Pumpkin bread (I'm actually making this tonight just without the icing)
Pumpkin donuts (personally I would bake this in a donut pan. Frying ain't for me)
Pumpkin cheesecake (my sister made this for Canadian Thanksgiving and it was SO good that I knew I had to make it when the American one rolled around. Hopefully mine is as good (my sister is a better baker than me haha)).



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