Friday, November 19, 2010


Day 6

Like the pretty necklace? It's by a company called Premier Designs. They're like Mary Kay in the sense that you can sign up to sell their products as a consultant. I had a party a while back and made $100 in free jewelry! No lie. I had about 7 friends come, they spent around $100 so nothing outrageous. The more your guests spend, the more you get for free. You can also earn more by doing things like keeping your original party date; that earned me another $25 in free jewelry.  I got two necklaces, earrings and a bracelet... only had to spend about $20! It's fine jewelry too, so pretty nice quality... normally I buy really cheap stuff, not going to lie.  Around here, almost everyone sells some product like this! I'm not poking fun though, I plan on jumping on that band wagon eventually.  Not sure if I'll sell Scentsy or Passion Parties though. 

These pictures didn't come out too well. The lighting on my porch officially sucks this time of the year.

 (cardigan Old Navy, dress Newport News, shoes Payless Shoe Source, necklace Premier Designs)


  1. so cute! llooovveee these tights, they're the only thing you didn't share where they came from! ;)


  2. love it, so perfect

  3. Your tights are great! That color is surely becoming one of my favorites of this season. Love your dog in the background :)

  4. Hi, I like the combination of colors here in spite of the light.

    I'm a fellow remixer, just visiting, but want to wish you luck with the remaining challenge.


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