Saturday, November 20, 2010


Day 7

If you look to your left, you'll see a Chictopia link in my sidebar. Take a look at the photo I entered for this and this contest. If you really like it or are just feeling super nice, please 'favourite it'! Thanks. :)

(top + shoes Charlotte Russe, shorts thrifted, sunglasses Wet Seal)

So apparently as soon as I feel winter approaching, something inside me snaps and goes WEAR BLACK.  I've worn a lot of black and other dark colours the past few days and at first I was thinking, hey that's pretty odd, but then I realized I did the same thing last year at this time...and the year before...  Still weird but at least it's   haha I don't know.  No sense in fighting it though, may as well just go with it!  So you've been warned, there are a lot of black outfits coming up! 

I wore this on Monday (yeah, I'm behind) to a "wives tea party" on base (Marine Corps base). It was nice! I love get togethers with a theme, hehe. Really, I do. I also love being in a group of people. I even like crowds! I'd planned on wearing something super girly but then that whole "black thing" hit me and this was the result. I've been wearing the top a lot!  

Hm, wish I'd gotten more pictures of this outfit.  The lighting was bad again.  I just have a lil point and shoot camera so it requires really good lighting. Maybe I'll start taking them outside, if I can find a spot to set up my camera with the self-timer. Oh, fashion blogging.


  1. sweet blog ;) can we follow each other?



  2. Nice flats! I love red! And with camel is the best couple of the year... Kisses

  3. Gorgeous :)))



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