Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 (top Target, skirt Urban Oufitters, ring Charlotte Russe)

So my first oufit post-challenge and what do I do? I wear a skirt that was in my challenge. haha It's a new top though! I have a grey one that I love/wear a ton so last week I picked up two more at Target in red and black. They were on sale for only $6 (regular $8).  They just fit me well and seem to last.  I have some American Apparel tshirts but they don't fit me well!  They're too baggy. 

The ring is also new. It's the one I bought at Charlotte Russe with my gift card.

These pictures were taken just  before a Christmas party we had Friday night! It was fun and we had a great turn out.  I was also very good about pacing my drinking so that I got drunk but did not have a hangover the next day.  That is tough to do!  haha Sad.

The baking I did for our party.


  1. SO cute! And I'd love to know how you made those 2 tone cookies!


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