Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas!!

I'm so happy to have my husband with me this year (he's been away due to the military the past two years)! We're at his parents' place, relaxing and having a great time.  Next week, we're going to Seattle for a couple nights to meet up with some of my family (from Canada)!  I'm so thankful.  It's worth the loooong 20 hour drive getting here!  Our dog is happy too! We even took him to the dog park today where he had a TON of fun (he got neutered last week so this was his first chance to finally run/play again).

Here's some pictures from earlier in the week, Monday I think. We saw some old friends who came into town for a night!  He used to be a Marine and his wife is Canadian, so obviously we were all meant to be friends. haha (My husband is a Marine and I'm Canadian, if you didn't know).  We ate some delicious sushi at Miso Harney Sushi in Oceanside, CA.   Yes... Miso Harney.  haha

(sweater Old Navy, jeans some boutique in San Clemente, shoes Jeffrey Campbell)

I tried out a new look with these jeans rolled and those JC shoes. I like it.


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