Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We're having such a great vacation! Sorry I haven't  been posting. I have photos but have to get on my husband's laptop to upload them since I forgot my external hard drive thing at home.  I will do a summary of each day eventually!

(bag + shirt Charlotte Russe, hat Target, jeans Walmart)

Pictures from exactly a week ago. I wore it to the vet to get our dog neutered, poor guy! But he's doing great now!  That's my new purse from Charlotte Russe.  It's just what I'd  been looking for!  I'm really happy with it.

I haven't finished exchanging gifts yet so no pictures but I've been very lucky! Christmas always makes me feel spoiled, no matter what I actually receive.  I can't even be sad that Christmas is over yet since tomorrow I get to see my parents who I haven't seen in A YEAR!! So it still feels like Christmas. :) We're spending two nights in Seattle with them. Then my husband and I will stay a third night at the hotel, since Friday is our anniversary!


  1. happy new year to you! i hope 2011 is wonderful for you

  2. your blog is really great!
    i hope you had a wonderful 2010 and a great new year!
    thanks so much for your sweet comment, it means the world!
    come back and visit COSMICaroline as looks get revamped and there's a new photographer coming soon! happy new year from me to you!



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