Friday, January 28, 2011


Ah, the weather here has been so beautiful lately! And I'm enjoying it! I guess my two week trip to WA State satisfied my "cold weather" craving, haha. Today I actually laid out by the pool IN MY BIKINI to read. It's only 70F but no wind so it feels warmer.  I like laying out in that weather because it's warm but not hot; hot means I get sweaty and uncomfortable and suddenly "tanning" feels like a chore.  (yes, I pile on the suncreen. I love the sun but I love my skin too!)

Today I wore these shorts again. They are just too easy! I can pretty much throw 'em on with any belt and top I have. I'm tempted to get a second pair in beige...

 (top Target, shorts Burlington Coat Factory, belt unknown, shoes, socks Charlotte Russe)

The socks and shoes came off soon after. I put on flip flops for the pool.  It was too warm for socks anyway.

I got the bracelet for free with a coupon! I like bracelets in the summer/sun.  I don't like wearing things on my wrist during colder months.  So I kind of go through cycles with jewelry, depending on the season.

Those socks were 99cents at Charlotte Russe and also came with a gold/beige pair. They're sparkly. Love.


  1. i was cleaning my purse out yesterday and found the biggest bottle of sunscreen....just reminded me how pale i am, but i do love my pale skin.

    this reminded me of you! particularily the pink shirt and shorts outfit.


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