Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've purchased some new things recently, just haven't really worn them yet! Normally I like to wear things righta way but I've been trying not to in hopes that it'll make me shop less, haha.  I will have some better outfit pictures up eventually!

I'm bummed that the fold over yoga pants I ordered from Victoria's Secret are a bit big. I ordered an L but apparently needed an M. They have a great return policy where you can just put it back in the bag and the shipping is free BUT I stupidly threw the bag/form out! Grr. So, I'm just keeping them. I tried sewing them but without a serger, it wasn't working well.  I think a serger is at the top of my wish list right now... it's just a bit out of my price range. Maybe if I stalk Craigslist, I can find a good deal?  I'm trying to stop shopping online with the exception of shoes/accessories... It rarely works out in my favour! Not to say I don't have some great pieces I bought online but I also have some that don't fit quite right but I kept because I didn't want to "waste" money returning them.

This is just another super simple outfit I wore to walk my dog.  No makeup.  Wet hair.  You know.

(tank top + cardigan Old Navy, belt Charlotte Russe, shorts Suzy Shier)

I feel a bit down today. I'm going to a kickboxing class tonight though, I'm sure that'll make me feel better! I went on Tuesday and really enjoyed it.

ps. I love zombie books/movies. It's one of the few weird hobbies I have, haha. I hate scary/gory/horror movies so it's weird that I'm into zombies. I have some zombie toys, a ton of books and so far just one movie but I like many.  These are the latest two I bought:
I'm almost finished the first one.


  1. I didn't know the shipping was free, that's nice! When I worked at VS we always had to tell frustrated people that they couldn't return stuff in store. I hope you can make them work- I love yoga pants. :)
    My best guy friend just started 'teaching' me how to kickbox the other night. It's really invigorating, haha. Have fun!


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