Sunday, January 30, 2011


My hair when I first woke up...

and then after, when it was pin-up styled! Well, more like hours later an after walking my dog but still.
I LOVE it. I'd never done "brushed out" curls before but I'm totally going to try it myself. It was professionally done here! I'll share more later. Right now I'm keeping it a surprise for my husband, hehe.  But I had a GREAT day!

telling my dog to move haha

(top Burlington + belt Burlington Coat Factory, leggings Target, shoes Jeffrey Campbell)

The top is new. Like? It was $10 at Burlington Coat Factory. It's actually a size Small (which I am not) because it has a very baggy fit. It's completely sheer (yep, checked "sheer shirt" off of my wishlist!) so I wore a black cami underneath.  I love the top though! It's so comfortable and easy to wear.  I've been trying to buy items that are more visually interesting lately, mostly with texture/material.  I'm tired of my of my clothes having a typical cotton feel.


  1. You hair looks amazing!! I love it...when you try it your self, and if it works, you totally have to post instructions!

  2. I will do a tutorial some time! It takes a bit more work than regular curling but I love the results- way more body! I had a flower in too earlier. Thanks! :)

  3. I love your 'brushed' curls! They look so gorgeous on you! And I loveeee that braided belt- you can never go wrong with a good brown belt! Your shoes are adorable too:) I could go on and on and on!


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