Tuesday, February 1, 2011


February!  The month of romance, right? My husband won't be here but I did just receive a card in the mail from him! That was a surprise as we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. He wrote sweet things and attached a Starbucks gift card to "remind [me] of our awesome times together.  Aw, husband!

I will be taking outfit pictures tomorrow, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun. haha I have busy days ahead. That's why I haven't really bothered lately. I've mostly just been at home, running errands or going to the gym... and I run errands right before the gym so I end up just wearing my work out clothes!

Here are some new purchases of mine. The wish list has been very helpful. It's easy to keep it in mind when shopping!  I wrote recently about nails and how I've been wanting to experiment with that more so I picked up a few things for that.

Old Navy capris. I originally wanted to get in on that cargo pocket trend but after trying some one a few months ago, I realized that the pockets are pretty unflattering on me! So then I wanted a non-pocket version with cuffs I could roll..   voila!  These were regularly $34.50 but I got them for $8.99.  Score. 

Victoria's Secret tank dress. I bought this in floral almost exactly a year ago, haha.  This time, I ordered a size smaller (I had to alter the floral one to fit me). It fits much better except it's quite short!  It was on sale for $12.99, I believe. 

Finally found a chunky knit sweater! I think it's a wardrobe must. I was going to look at Goodwill but this one was only $12.99 so I figured that was a good enough deal! It's also from Old Navy. I think it's regularly $35 or so.  I like the lack of pockets, makes it more streamlined, and I went a size up for a baggier look.  I know this is going to get worn to death.

Charlotte Russe sequin blazer. You won't believe what I paid for this.  $2.99.  Yep.  It was regular priced at $44 or so!  The sales lady was envious and said it must have been a return since it was the only one. It has a "shrunken fit" which I looove but doesn't generally fit me. Well, this does!  Finally, I have sequins in my closet!

The nail polish is by Sinful Color and the shade is "frenzy". It's only $2.99 at Walgreens and I love it! It's super bright and flashy. The stickers are from Walgreens but I forget the brand name.


  1. oh cool! love the nailpolish, I just shelled out waaay to much on deborah lippman in a similar color, le sigh.


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