Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've been really fascinated by painted nails lately. I have always liked to paint my nails and get creative with it. I don't really have the nicest finger nails but hey, haha. Right now I need to let a few broken ones grow out then I can have some fun with them.  I have plenty of polish and a few of those ones made for doing details or french tips. I was looking on Ebay at stencils but am not sure what a good brand is. I'm going to look in Walmart for those Sally Hansen French manicure strips, they'd be helpful.

I don't like nails to be very long. I think long and with a flat end or short and filed round looks best. I've never had "fake nails". I've thought about it but don't like the upkeep/cost that comes with it. I prefer the natural look anyway.

Here are a few looks I want to try out!

  I love doing tips in odd colours.
 I love the added line of glitter!
 Love this lace look.
I want that "Shatter" polish. 
 I definitely want to attempt this.
Adorable! I wonder if they're stickers.
I don't like nails to be that long but pretty polish! 
Adorable. Must try.


  1. I feel like the only time I ever paint my nails is when I am trying to grow them out. I am constantly breaking, biting, and picking at mine. worst habit.

  2. first off-it was so nice to meet you today! secondly, i've never had fake nails either...and when i paint mine a solid color, they look fake! i like the lace look, i think that would be pretty with a nude color and white. or grey and white. i like wearing nailpolish but my artwork keeps me from wearing it too much because it just comes right off working with clay.


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