Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday was such a lovely day! It was 80F out and instead of staying in and pretending it wasn't so warm out, I made the most of it. It worked out well because the wonderful Jessica of Jessica Jane Handmade invited me to a dog beach (with our dogs of course).  So I dressed as if it were Summer and joined her for the 30min car drive. I'd been wanting to take Forrest there for so long!  He absolutely loved it so I'm hoping to be able to go a few more times before we move (if we move).  It was really busy but he was more into the water than the other dogs, hehe.  And it was great meeting Jessica!  She found me through a military website (which I have made many 'real life' friends from) but follows this blog.  :)

These shorts are new. I was really excited when I found them! It's hard for me to find shorts that actually go high on my waist because I'm 5'10"... but these do! They're a linen type fabric so nice and lightweight. They are only $10!  I went with black because I'd been wanting some in that colour for a while but they also had yellow, blue, purple, green, beige and white!

 (top Walmart, shorts + belt Burlington Coat Factory, hat Closet, shoes Aldo)


  1. the dogs did have fun! it was so nice out....i think the only reason Tipper didn't run away from me was because there were so many people! Haha.

  2. omg, this makes me so jealous. it was about 30 here today and i wanted to take my coat off, haha. i love that cardigan with the outfit though, it hits your shorts at the perfect spot!


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