Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yep, the hat again. This is a suuuper casual outfit that I wore just to walk my dog.  I don't generally "dress up" much to walk him. He's big and we walk about 3 miles in under an hour; I generally wear my runners (or running shoes as you Americans like to call them :P). I would like to get some walking shoes, something a bit more casual like the ones Puma makes, for my walks and then save the runners for the gym.  Anyway, most days I walk him in my athletic clothes but sometimes I change it up like I did yesterday (when these photos were taken).

 (top Burlington Coat Factory, hoodie Old Navy, shorts Walmart, hat Closet)

I said I'd summarize the first week of my detox diet! I have been blogging about it on my Tumblr.  Basically, it's 4 weeks. The first week, I could only have fruit, veggies, complex carbs and protein (I only had shrimp, salmon and chicken).  Now I'm on week two so day by day I can start adding in soy, caffeine, dairy, wheat etc. I'm still not allowed processed food, added sugar or alcohol (which I did have once last week and will have again in week 3 but still, I have cut back). Of course, I've also been working out 6x a week for an hour plus walking for an extra 1-2 hours. 

Basically, I wanted a detox after all the sweets and such I had over the holidays but nothing drastic. I ended up finding this one in a Whole Living magazine and it sounded so perfect for me! I'm loving it, honestly. I'm trying not to think about the weight loss (4lbs down in a week) because I know most of it is temporary/water loss but that's not the point of this for me anyway. I know I've been needing more vegetables in my diet but struggled to do that... well, this has really turned that around! The real test will be when my husband gets back because he is a pickier eater than I but I think we'll manage.  It just feels good to be putting my health first.

Here are some of the meals and smoothies I've had in the past week.  Everything has been delicious!  I really didn't start to feel deprived until the last two days of the week one, where I started to really want dairy.  That worked out though since I can now have that.

Caribbean salad, baked apple slices with coconut and honey, sweet and sour chicken with veggies + brown rice, pasta with spinach tomato sauce and chicken + corn and tomato salad.
 I've been making "green smoothies".  It's a typical smoothie but you add in veggies like spinach! You don't even taste it but it's better for you. I've been making them without any dairy too!
shrimp veggie stir fry on brown rice, home made sweet potato fries, veggie stir fry on brown rice, mixed fruit with coconut and applesauce.
fridge week one


  1. that carribean salad looks so good. i love sweet potatoes...and love that theyre better for you than regular potatoes.

  2. yummy! x

    p.s. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx


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