Sunday, February 6, 2011


Just a few quick pictures so I can show you all that Victoria's Secret dress... and my hair! I finally got around to getting my hair cut on Thursday.  Last time I went, I went to a chain/inexpensive place.  Well, of course they did an awful job!  It wasn't even worth the measly $20.  So, this time I went back to a salon here that I love called Jaime Nicole Salon & Spa and happily paid $50 for a cut I love! The ladies there do a really great job and totally pamper you... I even got a hand massage while the conditioner sat in my hair and the massage chair kneaded my back.  hehe

(dress Victoria's Secret, tights Old Navy, shoes

 After my haircut, I grabbed my favourite soy green tea frappucino at Starbucks.  I also splurged a bit and bought a smoothing cream from Jaime Nicole Salon. They only use this brand Eurfora and I reeeally like it. I may get on the shampoo/conditioner later on.  It's way more than I normally spend but I think if a product works well enough and makes you feel better, it's worth spending more.  It's just a matter of trying a product before buying!  Samples are great for that.

Did I mention  my super sweet husband sent me a card and Starbucks gift card for Valentine's Day? It was so unexpected and sweet! He's the best.  He's off training somewhere else now and I won't get to talk/hear from him at all until he's done, which should be March 1st. :(


  1. I can't beleive you don't even get to talk to your hubby while he's gone! That would be SO lonely!
    Your hair looks great...and that polka dot dress is very cute!!

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