Monday, May 2, 2011


 What a day in America! Capture/death of Bin Laden finally a mission completed! Thank you to our military (props to the SEALs!), those who support them, the President and other leaders who all had their hand in this victory. :)

I wanted to show you how I organize my nail stuff. I have this storage container and I just use the top drawer for polish, since it all fits right now, and then other things like nail art go on top.

Some essentials. Cotton balls, remover, cuticle oil and polish thinner! Also, I bought a remover pen. What I do, is soak it in a cup of the acetone and then use it to fix any mistakes and clean the cuticles after I paint my nails. It has a pretty hard tip so it doesn't pick up the remover in large amounts but it does work. It's tip is perfect for getting a clean cuticle and into hard to reach spots!

Here is O.P.I's Black Shatter over that franken "Robin" I posted yesterday.

 I tend to get tip shrinkage with Black Shatter :(

Here it is with a layer of NYC Starry Silver Glitter! Looked pretty cool, kind of like lace. It was a lot more sparkly than you can see here. It's a great glitter polish for layering!


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