Thursday, May 5, 2011


Cinco de Mayo!  Do you know why it's celebrated? In 1869 the Mexican Army beat the French Army in the battle of Puebla. It is celebrated in that city but not all of Mexico. In the US it's celebrated as more a "Mexican pride/heritage" day and time to commemorate democracy in the first years of the American Civil War.  It's not Mexico's Independence Day!  I'm going to a Mexican restaurant tonight with my husband and friends... they have great food/drink specials going on! Should be fun.  Do you have any plans?  I think I just like an excuse to party, kinda like on St Patrick's Day. :P  

 These nails are done with some new polish I got. It was a set of 7 for only $4.99 at Burlington Coat Factory!! They smell bad when you're using them but they go on nicely, are very creamy and the shades are lovely. The Blush set was only $3.99 and they are jellies!

Here is the blue (2nd from left) shade.  It's both green and blue, actually. It looks blue in these pictures but indoors I find it is more green!

I used the white to add tips. The flower is a sticker I got off of ebay.
(pre- clean up)

I wore this to the mall the other day, before it got SO hot here (it has been around 90F the past few days!). I liked it. This dress is something different for me because I normally hate that sort of hem but I've already worn this a few times. It's sooo comfortable!

 (jacket Walmart, belt I forget, dress Old Navy)

 I didn't get very good outfit pictures, haha. I also didn't buy a whole lot at the mall!  Can't seem to find much I like in stores lately.  I do like the crop top trend and have been trying on a TON though.  I bought one at Ross and one from VS and I think I'm cutting a Target tank into one soon.  Oh I spent my $50 VS card on underwear (love their 5/$25/50 ones especially the new ruched back ones!) and some Pink shorts. I also had a coupon for a free ruched back panty and free lip gloss. hehe


  1. cute nails! I love that blue green color, and have some to wear on my toes. Is the crop the short shirt? They had some at American Eagle and i was wondering do you wear a tank under it? Or do you have to have super abs to wear them? haha.


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