Saturday, September 29, 2012

elf Haul Part II

Part II brings you the Mineral products I ordered. I generally really like the elf Mineral products, they never seem to disappoint me. I own quite a few of the mineral eyeshadows!  Prices vary with these.

Mineral Lipstick in Party Pink, Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, Mineral Eyeshadows in Seductive, Caffeinated, Socialite and Royal.

First, the lipstick! These have really great reviews and are $5. They are mostly muted pink/nude/red shades, nothing real crazy. That's why I only ordered one. I like bold lipstick hehe I really like the shade I got though.  It's "Party Pink". Sometimes it looks pink and other times it looks more coral. Application is easy and this wears sooo nicely. I can't believe how moisturizing it is! It feels like wearing a lip balm! It's not drying at all and wear time was really good. I definitely recommend these. I hope they come out with some more interesting shades! This is a pleasure to wear and I definitely can't say that about a lot of lipsticks.

 Next we have the eyeshadows. Like I said, I own quite a few of these. The colour payoff is great and I like mineral eyeshadows because you can apply them wet or dry for a very different look. These ones have a sifter which my other ones do not, and I think that is a nice addition. I'm very happy with the shades I got! And they applied very nicely; soft but not chalky. Would you guys like to see swatches of the other ones I own?

These swatches are done of elf Essential Eye Primer (not the new mineral one I bought) with my finger and dry. See that little square smudge? That was the Cream Eyeshadow that did not want to come off with water and a facecloth lol

L - R: Seductive, Caffeinated, Royal, Socialite
in the sun

This is after I used the products. They come with tape over the sifter which I peeled off.

 To show the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, I compared it to the Essential Eyelid primer which has been my favourite and go to primer all year. I even own a backup of it! Still, I wanted to try the mineral one. I figured it had to be at least as good. It is $3 while the Essential one is $1.

The products have a slightly different package shape. The Mineral Eyeshadow Primer has a larger opening so you get more product on the brush initially but for me it's more than I need so I scrape some off. The brushes are identical, far as I can tell, with an angled want that makes application very easy. I apply it right to the lid and then gently blend it with a finger.

The base colour is a bit different on each although when blended properly on my eye I don't notice. The Essential one is more beige while the Mineral one is more pink.
L: Essential Eyelid Primer R: Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

elf Mineral Eyeshadow in Caffeinated applied over each primer. It went on sliiightly more opaque of the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer.
 smudged. Here you can better see that it suck to the Mineral one (on the right) a bit better.

 The true test was when I took a bath with these still on my hand. They stayed put until I scrubbed them off but the Mineral one definitely lasted longer.

So overall, the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer is amazing and I highly recommend it. I will still use my Essential Eyelid Primer because it too is great and I probably won't really notice a difference when actually wearing them. My eyeshadow stays put either way! If you are okay with paying the extra $2, go with the Mineral one. You may have to order it online. I know the Target I go to has the Essential one but not the Mineral one, which could be another deciding factor for you.


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