Friday, September 28, 2012

In the Long Term

Sunday and Monday I was still doing the Crazy Sexy Diet with Monday being a juice cleanse day. Now I'm  figuring out what a comfortable diet is for me. I am keeping with 80% alkaline 20% acidic. I am also eating small amounts of sugar and gluten. I like my 1-2 cups of coffee a week (had Pumpkin Spice coffee this week!) and alcohol now and then.  I of course keep processed food at a minimum as well.  I think my Friday Foodie posts will reflect that but with Vegan Mofo coming up, you'll get a better idea. My theme is going to be "crazy sexy lifestyle" which basically means I'll be somewhat adhering to the Crazy Sexy Diet guidelines but in what I feel is a more practical long term approach for me. 

orange carrot grapefruit juice
green juice
green smoothie
 gf sprouted corn tortillas filled with veggies, beans, vegan cheese and bbq tofu
tiny bit of almond butter, unsweetened shredded coconut and strawberries on gf toast 
yummy veggie wrap on gf tortilla 
 Amy's brand Thai coconut soup (very yum) and a tortilla which I did not end up eating because I found this brand of vegan cheese to be pretty gross on its own like that
 gf oatmeal with brown rice puffed cereal and mashed banana 
 juiced orange, grapefruit, spinach and kale then blended with a banana. so good!
gf sprouted corn tortillas with falafel (not gf), hummus and veggies
gf butternut squash mac'n'"cheese". yum! I really enjoyed this recipe.
Indulgence! Made these so not healthy gf chocolate chip cookies. Very delicious. I think something like this is fine every few weeks or so.
Shepherd's Pie again. I actually (not purposefully) made these the night Grey's Anatomy premiered hehe

 I went to a birthday party on Friday. I brought this macaroni salad but with lentils instead of black beans and far less mayo. I also made it for a party last weekend but with the black beans! It's delicious and quick to whip up. I used gluten free noodles both times.  So on Friday I ate that and then snacked on fruit and veggies. I did also have one alcoholic drink.


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