Monday, November 12, 2012

New Weekly Snapshots

My plan always was to stick to iPhone pictures for my weekly snapshots posts, once I had an iPhone. So now that I do, expect this layout, not the old one.  I am having a lot of fun with my new phone, especially the camera. You may notice that these are all indoor pictures.  That's because I haven't bought a case or cover for my phone yet so I'm too scared to use it outdoors in fear that I will drop and break it. haha I am getting both soon though. 

So far for camera apps I have Instagram, Snapseed and Aviary. Oh I also have TimerCam and Incredibooth. Any other recommendations?

  1. This Mossimo cape from Target is the best to curl up in with a good book or tv show. 
  2. I was amused that he used his dog toy as a legit pillow. 
  3. My husband bought a big case of the Winter Sam Adams beer. I'm not complaining. I prefer IPAs and smaller/local breweries' dark beers usually but Sam Adams is decent. It was my favourite a few years ago. The Porter (not in the picture) and Chocolate Bock in this set are delish. So it the one that starts with 'z'...can't remember the name. haha 
  4. This chocolate is really good! It isn't organic but no milk/dairy and such. Plus you can find it at Target which is handy. Most of the chocolate bars I eat are from more natural foods stores like Sprouts.
  5. Peak at an upcoming outfit post. I wore two statement necklaces.
  6. I ordered something from Target and it came in a very oversized box. The actual product was no where near this big! But my cat was happy. He is always happy when there is a new box in the home. I mean, all the more reason for me to shop online, right? 
  7.  New Old Navy sweater. I'm so in love. I am really into any sort of animal novelty print lately. Buy it HERE. 
  8. Mani you saw in yesterday's post. This was pre-clean up.  
  9. First pic I took with my iPhone. Also, first CD I have bought in soooo long! I have a Zune subscription  but this CD wasn't free on there so I opted to just get the Target one since it comes with extra songs. Love this album!

ps A lot of these pictures are posted on my Instagram before here so feel free to follow me! If you don't have an iPhone, you can still follow people's pictures. Check out my link in the side bar. Also, if you have an Instagram, let me know!


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