Thursday, January 17, 2013

High Rise Legging Jeans

The weather is warming up this week! Mid 70's, if you can believe it (it's San Diego so yes, you can). I haven't really been thinking about Spring too much as I don't like to get ahead of myself with the seasons but I guess I'll be getting a taste of it this weekend.

Let's talk about these jeans. I'm obsessed. I ordered them from Victoria's Secret before going on vacation and so they were here waiting for me when I got home. I've been wanting some high waisted pants but honestly, I figured the chances of these fitting well enough to keep were slim. Pants are tricky fit-wise which is why normally I don't order them online. These were on sale with free shipping so I paid like $45 instead of $60 which is more than I normally pay for jeans but so worth it! They fit like a dream. I have to resist the urge to wear them every day. They are a tight fit but true to size (I got an 8). They are called "high rise legging jeans" and they do fit like something inbetween the  two.  I'm tall so these probably don't come up as high on my waist as they would for some people but they are also very long!  I love the fit so much so that I ordered them in grey as well!

 - jeans

This is the gray pair although it's hard to tell. They are actually a different material and have a different fit. While the blue ones are thing and super stretchy like leggings these fit more like jeans. The material is a bit stiffer. These are also a tad big on me even though I got them in an 8, same as the blue ones. Once my sewing machine is fixed I'll take them in a bit. I love these too though. They have a bit of an acid wash look and feel to them, so they make me feel a bit rock n roll. They are on clearance for $29.99! I also got free shipping at the time. Oh and this what I wore to watch the Seahawks play, hence all the grey/navy.


  1. Love the booties! Especially love that they're from Old Navy!

    Btw, I have a great giveaway going on my blog right now -- would love for you to check it out! xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  2. Hi, I want to order these but I am not sure which size to order. I am usually a 6 in old navy/gap/banana, and an 8 in other stores like hollister or charlotte russe. What size do you suggest that I order?

  3. Hi, I want to order these. I am not sure which size to order and I was hoping that you could help. I am usually a size 6 in Old Navy, Gap and Banana. I am an 8 in other stores like Hollister or Charlotte Russe. Which size do you suggest I order for these? (its the high-rise legging jean in sky bright) Thanks!

    1. I'd go with the 8. I usually wear a 6 at Old Navy but their sizes run big. I'm more of an 8 according to most charts. This wash runs bigger than the other one I got so it is bit hard to say.

    2. Ok thankyou so much! I love the way you paired the jeans with the booties looks great!


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