Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target

Have you guys seen the latest designer collection for Target? It's by Prabal Gurung. I'm loving it! It's so perfect for Spring, I think. I really like the unique prints, geometric shapes and bright colours. There are a few items I'm really hoping to snag and then some others I at least want to try on. And by try on I mean, hope that some fit so that I can buy them. I haven't had the best of luck with the fit of a lot of these designer collections. I also find that many look cheaply made and yet the prices are higher than other Target brands.  I hope this collection will be as great in person!  I especially love the shoes and dresses!  The collection comes out February 10th.

I definitely want these shoes which will be available online only. But I hope I can find the top/dress in stores to try on too!
This is an amazing tshirt dress. Another one I hope to try on.
Taking sweatshirts to a whole new level
Again, amazing tshirt dress. I also like these sandals.
Not such a fan of this look, personally.
This would probably be too short for me.
Curious what these shots look like in person.
I'd have to see this one on. Not loving the ruffles by the armpits.
I want this blazer!
Hope I can try this dress on. It's a show stopper for sure! How great would it be to wear to a wedding?
I love these shoes but I think the heel is probably higher than I like to wear.
I like the cardigan.
Love this, not sure it would work well on my larger chest though.
Too ruffly for me.
Same as the yellow one. Fitting for Valentine's Day though.
I'd have to see these pieces in person.
I like this one but am not sure the white cutout would look right on my chest.
I like the skirt, hate the top here.
Super cute!

Any favourites? You can see all of the looks here as well as better pictures of the accessories. These are the accessories I have my eye on. 

 There is also a short three question quiz on the site to see what your romantic style is. My answer was floral. I'd say so, seeing as which looks I liked the most. :)


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