Monday, April 15, 2013

Places to Go

  1. Enjoyed a gorgeous beach BBQ on Wednesday. 
  2. Walking to the Farmer's Market which I did not make it to because I ended up going out for sushi with some girls instead.
  3. Taking my coffee from home to go.
  4. Target now carried vegan ice cream!! 
  5. Slowly improving! 6 miles in 58:45. Goal is under 55min by June.
  6. William Wallace sleeping wedged between me and the couch arm.
  7. Shopping at Burlington Coat Factory. So many cute dresses but they were all too short on me!
  8. I loved this skirt but it just wasn't well made. When something is already snagged and such on the hanger it doesn't really make me want to buy it.
  9. Checked out Drew Barrymore's cosmetics like Flower at Walmart. It's cruelty free but none seemed to be vegan. Bummer.


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