Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eatin' and Pumpin'

My CSA box this week. I added on lots of organic blueberries! They are from Oregon since they aren't in season here but owned by a local farmer.  I also picked up some other things at Target.

Oatmeal which I added protein powder too. I used Garden of Life Raw Meal but it gave it a really gross texture haha It was very "goopy"!
Whole wheat pancakes topped with blueberries (cooked with a bit of date syrup and water), banana and unsweetened coconut.
Banana frappucino. Just cold coffee, splash of milk, lots of ice, vanilla extract (optional) and a banana.

Blueberry protein smoothie
Loved these blueberry muffins! I used whole wheat flour, only 1/4 cup raw sugar + 18 drops of liquid Stevia and coconut oil... but the rest is the same as this recipe.
Watermelon! Hollowed it out and froze the pieces but ate the leftover bits. 

This white bean salsa with olives. Yum!
Ate it as a burrito with sauteed kale and bell peppers, Gardein chicken strips, some nutritional yeast sauce and sweet peppers on a homemade tortilla (used whole wheat flour).
Also made enchiladas another night. I just used leftovers (kidney beans, chickpeas, pinach, bell pepper, potato etc) and added some green enchilada sauce.

Maybe my new favourite chocolate chip cookies, as far as "traditional" tasting ones go! Recipe to come. ;)

Here's a few fitness progress pics. I just finished week 5 of Live Fit which is week one of Phase 2! Love it!

March vs August
One of my workouts recently. Above pic last month and below pic this month


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