Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cutout Ankle Boots

I seriously lusting over cut out ankle boots right now! I'm for sure going to get a pair soon but which? I'm not sure yet. Ankle boots are by far my favourite style of shoes to wear. What about you? Cut outs on boots might not be the best if you live somewhere with a lot of rain but I don't! haha

Jeffrey Campbell 'Everly' Bootie
The shoe that began my obsession. Jeffrey Campbell "Everly"

I'm Obsessed - Cut Out Boots

I, of course, plan on getting a non leather vegan pair. I'm leaning towards this pair.

This pair is also fantastic!


  1. Ankle boots are my #1 favorite footwear. I deal with sweaty feet in the summer for them. However, I live in the Pacific Northwest and it rains constantly so cut-out boots are not the right footwear for me.


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