Saturday, October 12, 2013

Flower Zoom-in Ultimate Mascara Review

I have another makeup review for you! After I liked the Flower lipstick so much I decided to give the mascara a try. It has very good reviews on MakeupAlley. Good vegan (since I have read all Flower products are vegan) mascaras can be hard to come by!

This is the Flower Zoom-in Ultimate Mascara in "Intense Black". It retails for $7.98 and is sold exclusively at Walmart.  It also comes in the shades black, black brown and brown.

 Carmine isn't considered vegan. I know what it is but I don't really know how they obtain it, so I'm not sure how I feel about it.  Looks good otherwise, far as I can tell! It's a lot of big words, I know. haha

 I like the packaging. The black cap with the words is kind of ugly but at the same time it comes in handy. Basically, you twist the end to change the shape of the brush! See below...

Straight brush for lengthening

Twisted once to help curl the lashes.

Twisted once more to create volume.

I'm really enjoying this mascara. I love how it looks and feels and it doesn't get super clumpy or smudge! I like to do a coat with the lengthening brush and then a coat with the volume brush. I don't use the curl one a lot because I prefer my eyelash curler but of course it's great when you don't have your eyelash curler around! I think it's great that's it's essentially three mascaras in one!  They really do make a difference to my lashes. I didn't realize the shape of the brush could make such a difference. It's the same formula no matter which brush you use.

With lengthen/volume mascara used:


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