Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: e.l.f. Haul Part 1

I recently placed a fairly big order with e.l.f. when they had 50% off new and bestselling items! I got a ton of stuff so I'm splitting it into two reviews. I'm really happy with what I got!  e.l.f can bit hit or miss but they really do have some great products and you can't beat the prices! They aren't the most "clean" products, of course, which I feel a little guilty about. I try to stick to safer cosmetics, generally.   Anyway, these products are all vegan and I would honestly recommend them all!

^after washing!^

I've really been wanting to try a cream bronzer! I contour pretty often and had heard they worked very well. Normally I use a powder (theBalm bronzer) but I am loving this!! Great pigmentation, blends very well, looks natural (I was afraid it might be too dark!) and so on. I'm very happy with this product, especially the bronzer. The blush is nice but I prefer powder blushes. 

This product works very nicely under the eyes and a highlighting concealer. It really does brighten up your face and cover redness. It's not very good for spot concealment but that's not what I bought it for. I really like the consistency of it and have been using it in place of my Flower highlighting concealer since I bought it. 

I've been wanting to try this foundation for a while now after hearing a lot of good reviews! It's seriously such a steal at $6 (and I only paid $3)!  I think I could have gone one shade darker (but it was sold out). This shade is a tiny bit light for me but still very wearable.  A little goes a long way, it blends well and doesn't crease horribly. My only complaint is that my skin gets shiny. It's definitely not mattifying. As far as the "acne fighting" goes... I have to say I really do think it makes a difference. My skin is completely clear of any blemishes right now and while I don't think that's only because of this product it definitely didn't hurt!  I'm hoping to get the shade "buff" which is a shade darker when it comes back in stock.

This is one of my new favourite blushes and I definitely want more shades! I love how pigmented it is! It goes on very nicely (I use a brush) and lasts well. 


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