Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outfit: White WIne

Here's an outfit I wore to go wine tasting. Yeah, I wore white (totally just typed wine there ha!) to drink wine.  I live on the edge, I tell ya! 

Recently picked up this blouse at Target. I love how well it drapes and well, I am a sucker for blouses. I don't know why. It's kind of a weird thing to own a lot of but hey.  The shoes are also from Target and a new favourite! They are very comfortable and I love that they can be dressed up or down. I'm really digging the D'orsay style shoe right now. They are also on sale right now, just saying!

My hair is getting so "long"!  I don't think I ever mentioned it here but I went over the pro job (which was bleached and dyed bright red) with a mix of Manic Panic Pillarbox Red and Wildfire! It has faded a fair bit and it's weird to have dark roots since I hadn't ever previously had my hair bleached but I do love the colour. Infrared still lasts the longest for me though!


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