Sunday, July 6, 2014

In My Belly

Cashew butter ice cream with carob chips. Adapted from this recipe.

BLTA and gingerale at Veggie Grill. SO good.

Tasters at Iron Fist Brewery 

Party food. I made the guac, pico and burritos (which are filled with yams, vegan sausage and yams)

Fresh juice and school work

Salad with a homemade cashew dressing

Berry nana ice cream. Just frozen berries blended with frozen banana!

Pool side. Bottoms are Victoria's Secret.

Green smoothie bowls are a favourite of mine

Buckwheat pancakes

Acai bowl

Simple Greek salad topped with hemp seeds

Oatmeal bowl with goji berries

Banana shortbread cookies. Like these but without the nuts.

Coconut crusted tofu and sriracha sauce.

Mango nana ice cream

Hummus salad

Spelt pancakes

4 oranges, 3 carrots, 1" ginger

Almond milk oatmeal bowl


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