Monday, August 11, 2014

September Health Challenge

Excited news!! I've decided to host a challenge for the month of September and YOU are invited!

Let's make health a priority!

This is a health challenge that isn't just focused on fitness or nutrition but on ALL aspects of health. You will learn to take charge of your health in many different ways from what you eat to minimizing the stress in your life to setting goals and following through.  Everyone will set 3 goals at the beginning. You can also take measurements, before pictures, body fat measurements etc if you choose. During the challenge there will be a task for each day of the week for you to challenge yourself to complete. At the end, I will announce the prize winner and everyone will be welcome to share their progress!

I'm making a temporary Facebook group for this challenge. It will be open by August 25th (if not sooner) and close October 7th (challenge ends Sept 30th but I want to give you extra time to ask questions, share progress updates, take notes etc). I'll update this post when the link is available. In the mean time, you are welcome to like my business page and follow me on Tumblr/Instagram! I'll definitely send out a reminder closer to the date. I know we get busy and it's easy to forget about things like this! I'm here to help hold you accountable. ;)

Who is this challenge for?EVERYONE. Come on, none of us are 100% satisfied with our health or our lives right? There's always room for improvement and to learn new things. This challenge is an opportunity to address things in your life that maybe you haven't addressed before or to try new ways of dealing with issues. I really feel that it's an experience we can all (yes, me too!) benefit from.

What can I expect?
  • Support from myself and other challenge participants. It's a positive, judgement free zone!
  • Answers to any questions you may have.
  • Videos, recipes, quotes, pictures etc to make you feel inspired!
  • Daily tasks such as trying a new recipe, spending time outdoors and setting your intention for the week.
  • To learn a thing or two! I will be sharing plenty of articles, tips, info etc and encouraging others to do the same so we can learn learn learn!
  • Free workouts to try!
  • and more.
What should my goals be?
They can really be anything related to your health. Some examples would be weight loss, weight gain, exercising 4x a week, making time for yourself, stressing less about work, eating out less, consuming less alcohol, cutting back on sugar, trying oil pulling and so on. Make sure it's something you can start working towards during this challenge and try to be somewhat specific. If you're too general with your goals, they can be a lot harder to reach. Also, instead of weight loss you could also say "feeling better in my clothes".

Is there a winner of this challenge?
Well, obviously you're all winners ;) but there will be a prize at the end! The way to have a shot at winning the prize is by participating. You will earn points for your comments and posts. It's 1 point per post (max of 3 points) and 1 point per comment (max of 10). You are welcome to post and comment more but I've capped the points just so no one floods the page in order to gain more points. You can also earn a BONUS 5 POINTS if you purchase a workout plan from me anytime between August 25th (when the Facebook group will open) and September 30th. Each point equals your name "in a hat" which I will draw from to pick a winner. The winner is NOT necessarily the person with the most points! More points just increases your odds of winning. I will reveal hints and sneak peaks of what the prize will including during the challenge but for now I will say it's going to be a lot of health related goodies!

Do I have to post/comment in the group? 
Nope. You can be as private as you like! I encourage you to participate but if you don't want to share your weight or your goals... anything, that's fine!  The challenge is here to help support, motivate and perhaps teach you a thing or two, not make you feel uncomfortable. :) Do remember that posting/commenting does earn you points though.

What does it cost?
Nada. Zip. It's free! You can, of course, purchase any of my workouts including a customized plan (for the full 30 days or whatever you want) but you do not have to do so in order to participate. As mentioned, if you do purchase ANY workout plan from me that will earn you a bonus 5 points.

Is this only on Facebook?I do ask that all participants join the designated Facebook group I've created. This is where I will be posting daily and the only place that you can earn points.  That said, you are welcome to post on any social media platform and use the hashtag #LLSeptHealth  I'm on Tumblr (liftinglettuce), Instagram (sophiexelizabeth), Pinterest (mrssophies) and my business Facebook page is

Wait, what is Lifting Lettuce?
Lifting Lettuce is my personal training and health coach business! I'm a certified NASM personal trainer and currently a health coach student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I'm definitely a health junkie, always eager to learn new things, try "weird" foods, embrace the positive and challenge myself to live an even healthier happier life! My goal with my business is to help others to be healthy and happy. I want people to know that they deserve to feel their best and then help them to do just that! We need to learn to listen to our bodies because they know what we need! That means doing away with self hate, quick fixes, "magic pills", living in a state of constant stress/anxiety, not sleeping enough, yo-yo dieting etc

And what exactly is a health coach?
A health coach is basically a wellness guide. Someone who supports and motivates individuals in making healthy choices. We educate and listen to our clients, helping them make adjustments in their lives in order to be healthy and happy!  The Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I study teaches that "one persons diet is another person's poison" and believes in bio-individuality. Basically, we don't believe that there is one "right diet" for everyone but that we are all unique and the way we eat, exercise etc should be too.  Here's the IIN page where they talk about what a health coach is.


So what do you think? Are you in?? I hope so! It's going to be a lot of fun and the more the merrier!  

If you want to join the challenge or have any questions, leave a comment or shoot me an email:  


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