Friday, January 23, 2015

Life Lately: 01/22/15

I've decided to get back into doing more regular themed posts like I used to!  If there's any you'd love to see, let me know. I for sure will be doing life lately and food posts more often.

Hello third trimester! I used to think you were scary and intimidating but now I'm feeling happy that you are here!

I'm a bit obsessed with Jamberry. Anyone else? This is "Slatted Herringbone". Also, that Tate nail polish remover is awesome!

Nap time. He's always been a cuddly cat but every since I became pregnant he loves to be right up on my belly/chest! It's sort of stupidly adorable and I love it. haha

Devoured this book recently. If you enjoy the show Girls, you'll enjoy this book. Similar feel.

I'm loving purple lipstick right now. This is OCC Lip Tars "Strumpet" and "RX" mixed together.


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