Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks

I don't know why I didn't start doing these sooner but oh well, haha. Better late than never I suppose! I have been writing in a pregnancy journal so maybe I'll go back and do a few of these for earlier in my pregnancy.

26 weeks

cravings: I have't really had any major pregnancy cravings during second trimester. I know, I'm so boring! haha I definitely have loved me some bread products this pregnancy though, that has been pretty consistant. I've also craved fruit but that's nothing new. I really feel like my appetite right now is very normal (although I have to eat more than usual and I find I get quite hungry in the evenings!).

weight gain: Just over 10lbs. Definitely on the low end but I eat very healthy and my midwife says she isn't concerned at all.

comments: "So are we expecting?" was finally said by my landlord haha She sees me at least once a week but it wasn't until last week that she finally said something. My husband says I am definitely showing now though and that there is no question that I am pregnant so I guess people finally feel safer commenting on it. I have't had any total strangers say anything though.

fears: Going into labour too early. I feel very calm about labour itself right now but I want this baby to keep on brewing for a while!

general mood: Just overly grateful for this family of mine and very excited for the rest of the year!
sleep: This is really the only thing I've been having some issues with for the past few weeks or so. It's just falling asleep that takes a while and then when I roll over, it tends to wake me up. My pregnancy pillow, oil diffuser and salt lamp definitely all help though and I'm still gettig like 8 hours of sleep haha So I can't really complain! I sometimes get heartburn when I lay in bed or leg cramps during the night but thankfully it's not an every night thing.

things I was surprised by: How powerful baby's kicks have gotten! The weirdest is first thing in the morning, when I'm laying on my side and my stomach is touching the bed, baby basically kicks the bed through my stomach! That'll wake you up real quick.

things I am most looking forward to: Holding this baby in my arms. The yearning I have to hold him lately is SO strong it's almost overwhelming. I mean, I love him in my belly but I cannot wait to be able to kiss his little head!

food aversions: Honestly, none. I only had them in first trimester (so far). For months I didn't want hummus which was weird because it's a favourite of mine but now I'm back to loving it. Chocolate too.

shopping for baby: So many clothes. haha I think I need to put myself on a baby clothes shopping ban for a month or two! It's all so adorable but it's easy to start being less practical about it as I buy more and more. Some of my go to sites are zulily,, groopdealz, psIadoreyou and Gap.

maternity clothes: I recently ordered a few dresses (this, this and this) to carry on over into Spring. My maternity jeans have been great but I find dresses more comfortable. I've still only bought one maternity top (sweater) but did recently pick up a workout tank. I definitely need some maternity workout capris as my leggings are a bit see through and none of my workout ones fit comfortably now!


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