Sunday, July 5, 2015

Body After Baby: 2 Months

See my first post at 1 week pp HERE.

At 8 weeks postpartum, my stomach has changed quite a bit. It has definitely tightened up some and I can feel my strength coming back. I definitely still have a fair bit of loose skin and I know that'll take time to firm up- I accept and am totally fine with that!  I can fit into more of my pants/shorts now and have resisted the urge to buy new ones haha

I'm still being kind to myself, remembering what my body has been through and loving it rather than shaming it.  You often hear moms talk about viewing their body more for what it's truly capable of after having a baby rather than just its appearance and that is true for me too. 

I was at 165lbs for quite a while but dropped a few pounds recently by cleaning up my diet a bit more. Nothing drastic, honestly. I mainly added in some more smoothies/juice and cut back on refined sugar. I'm still not in a regular workout routine. It's tough to find not only your stride again but to find the time and energy while taking care of a newborn! No excuses though. I know I can do it and I will.  I am walking at least a few miles every day with the stroller or babywearing. I get in a quick workout 1-2x a week.  

I bought a Bellefit corset while in my third trimester. I used the size chart to find my size ad was comforted by their good return policy.  Unfortunately, it still doesn't fit comfortably! I'm trying to decide if I should return it or wait. I had emailed customer support after I had my baby and they said as long as it fits any time within the first 6 months that it'd be beneficial but I want something to wear NOW. I'm thinking about just getting a shapewear nursing cami... I know it'll be much more comfortable. It won't have all the benefits of the belly binder but it'd be nice to comfortably fit into more of my pants you know? Any recommendations?

Some goals for this next month are to start jogging with the stroller. I'd also like to do yoga and barre 1-2x a week each.

Pre-pregnancy weight: 158 lbs
End of pregnancy weight: 184 lbs (up 26 lbs)
Current weight: 161 lbs


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