Saturday, December 19, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Shopping

Back in August I wrote this capsule wardrobe update post where I talked about how I'm trying to limit what I buy. I haven't given myself a set number of items but instead am focused on making sure I have my basics and that I love everything I own (which means replacing some things I have).  So far I have been sticking to that quite well!

I definitely find it a lot easier to get rid of stuff now. I used to really hang onto things especially clothes but right before we moved I donated a TON.  I went through my wardrobe again last week and have even more to give away.  No emotional attachment.

My list of basics looks something like this:
Jeans: white, distressed, high waist, dark, black, light wash
Pants: black leggings, leather look leggings, jogger
Blouses: white, black, bright color, plaid, chambray, peasant
Shorts: white, black, distressed, high waist, pattern, lace/crochet
T-shirts: black, white, oversized, stripes, tunic, olive, bright, graphic
Tops: long sleeve, striped long sleeve, black tank, grey tank, white blouse, graphic tank, muscle tank, striped tank
Dresses: sweater, shirt, bodycon, maxi
Skirts: black pencil, striped pencil, midi, skater, maxi
Sweaters: oversized cardigan light + dark, black cardigan, tunic, red, fishermans, bright pullover, grey vneck
Outerwear: puffer vest, trench coat, anorak, peacoat, down (alternative) coat, denim jacket, black blazer, colored blazer
Shoes: brown riding boots, black tall boots, rainbows, black ankle boots, brown ankle boots, white sneakers, black runners, black flats, leopard flats, bright flats, black pumps, printed pumps, black sandals, brown sandals, heeled sandal, bright sandal, espadrilles

Do I own more than that? For sure. That's just a general guidelines of my "must haves".

Currently, for Winter, I'm looking to get a down alternative coat, Winter boots, a trench coat (well, that could wait until Spring), a black skirt and new white jeans.  When the warm weather arrives, I'll re-asses. I'm sure a lot of what fit me last Summer won't fit anymore since I was almost 20lbs heavier then.

  1. AE leggings in white 
  2. Native Shoes Jimmy Winter boots
  3. Just Fab Long Trench in taupe
  4. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket (not exactly in my price range ha!)
  5. Mod Cloth En Pointe Accompanist Skirt in Black

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Body After Baby: 7 Months

Back again, documenting how my body (specifically stomach) looks 7 months after giving birth. You know, I've noticed that every month when I take these pictures I'm happy with what I see. Even a week after giving birth, I was so pleasantly surprised! I don't know if it's just compared to how big you are at the end of pregnancy or if I had a warped idea of what I thought all stomachs looked like after pregnancy... maybe it's just that I have a better outlook now? Not sure! All I know is that I have felt really good about the changes.  Sure, there are times where some negativity creeps in but that's alright. :)

I was at 143lbs for a while, thought maybe I'd stay there but I guess not! I have lost weight faster than expected, honestly. I'm just trying to let my body get to where it wants to be... I'm not forcing anything. So we shall see! My focus is always to be healthy and treat my body well rather than focusing on weight. 

Pre-pregnancy weight: 158 lbs
End of pregnancy weight: 184 lbs 
6 months PP weight: 144 lbs
7 months PP weight: 140.5lbs

7 Months PP

Body After Baby posts:


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